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Single Tooth Implants Lilburn GA

You may lose a tooth from periodontal disease, tooth decay, genetics, or an accident. Whatever the case, our dentist at Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center can restore your missing or damaged tooth with a single dental implant. Visit our dental office for quality implant replacement services.

What Are Single Dental Implants?

Single dental implants are among the most reliable solutions for tooth replacement. The dental implant is a prosthetic tooth comprising titanium cylinders and a crown. It fits into the jawbone, providing a solid foundation for missing teeth.

While the implant is synthetic, it resembles an actual tooth. Moreover, it provides similar functions like chewing, eating, and smiling. Our dentist at Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center will recommend a single dental implant for tooth replacement in cases where dental bridges and dentures are not viable.

Types of Single Dental Implants

Single dental implants come in different types for various dental issues. Dental implants can be placed into two categories: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

Endosteal single dental implants are tooth replacement implants inserted in the jawbone. They have screw-like cylinders that form a root with the implant holding the mounted artificial tooth. In contrast, subperiosteal implants are for patients who do not have adequate healthy jawbone. Our experienced dentist will surgically insert the implant under the gum on or above the jawbone before placing the replacement tooth.

Other less common implant replacement techniques include sinus lift, bone augmentation, and ridge expansion. Sinus augmentation entails adding bone to the sinus to replace missing upper teeth, while ridge expansion involves adding a ridge to your jaw to support dental implants. Bone augmentation restores your jawbone using additive materials.

Benefits of Tooth Replacement With Single Dental Implants

Single dental implants are the safest option for tooth replacement. They have a 99% success rate, making them an ideal implant replacement technique for missing teeth. This dental restoration method can be a permanent solution for lost teeth, as it preserves the jawbone and stimulates bone growth in patients with weak jawbones.

Also, implants match your natural teeth and keep them from shifting as they try to fill the gap. They do not require our dentist to adjust your existing teeth during the tooth replacement procedure. Your new artificial tooth will not be prone to cavities or decay.

The Right Candidate for a Single Dental Implant

Anyone with a missing tooth can consider single dental implants. Whether you have lost an incisor, molar, or premolar, this tooth replacement option can help restore your ability to bite, chew, speak, and smile.

However, you must meet various requirements to be the ideal candidate for tooth replacement using dental implants. You can be eligible for single dental implants if your gums are healthy and you have an adequate jawbone. Patients with fragile or diminished jawbones may have to undergo bone augmentation before consideration for a single tooth implant procedure.

When Is a Single Dental Implant Necessary?

Our dentist at may recommend single-tooth implants if you have a missing tooth or several lost teeth. While a single dental implant is suitable for restoring one lost tooth, our dentist can recommend this procedure for multiple lost teeth. We use the All-on-4 dental implant method to permanently replace missing or damaged lower or upper teeth.

Preparing for a Single Dental Implant Replacement

Preparing for implant replacement can ensure a successful procedure and help with faster recovery. First, you require a dental examination at our office to determine if you are an ideal candidate for tooth replacement. If the area has an infection, our dentist may recommend antibiotics to prevent complications. The procedure is invasive, so you may have to fast for half a day, depending on the type of anesthesia used.

What to Expect During Tooth Replacement With Single Dental Implants

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to undergo multiple procedures over several months. Your jawbone should be sturdy enough to support the tooth implant. Our dentist will graft or augment your jawbone with synthetic materials when applicable before scheduling the procedure. It might take at least four months to heal before you undergo tooth replacement surgery.

Dental restoration through single dental implants is a surgical procedure. Our dentist will apply local anesthesia to the affected area before incising your gum. They will then drill a tiny hole to fit the single dental implant or abutment.

Once the implant fuses with the jawbone, our dentist will place a healing cap to help the gum tissue recover quickly. It might take two weeks for the gum to heal. The last step entails removing the cap and mounting a dental crown on the implant.

Caring for Single Dental Implants After Surgery

Aftercare after implant replacement surgery is critical for faster recovery. The implant site may heal after two weeks, but you may have to wait several months for full recovery. After oral surgery, you will notice minor swelling, mild discomfort, and slight pain. Our dentist will prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers to help with your recovery.

The local anesthesia will take 24 hours to wear off. Avoid hot food and drinks during this period. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol might also impede your recovery. For this reason, consider taking a two-week break from these substances.

As with any surgery, avoid strenuous activities like exercise and heavy lifting. Keep your oral hygiene levels high by rinsing and flossing your teeth daily. When brushing your teeth, avoid the affected area. Instead, clean the single dental implant site with a cotton swab and mouthwash. Brushing the affected tooth might lead to complications. If you notice any issues, contact us for assistance.

Brighten Your Smile With Quality Single Dental Implants

Single dental implants are the perfect solution for tooth replacement. This oral surgical procedure is safe and has the highest success rate, making it one of the most preferred options for replacing missing teeth. The process is painless since our dentist applies local anesthesia before the surgery. We will perform a comprehensive dental examination before recommending this tooth replacement option. Contact Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center at (470) 222-8983 to schedule a single dental implant procedure.

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