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What to Do if You Have Missing Teeth As the Result of a Genetic Abnormality

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center
What to Do if You Have Missing Teeth As the Result of a Genetic AbnormalityAs adults, most of us have a full set of thirty-two permanent teeth in our mouth. However, a surprisingly large amount of us – to the tune of nearly 20% of the adult population – has congenital hypodontia and is missing at least one permanent tooth. While hypodontia can be a cosmetic issue, appearance isn't the only problem associated with missing teeth; leaving gaps between your teeth can have lasting negative consequences.

Three Methods to Treat Congenital Hypodontia

As adults, most of us are familiar, either first hand or from our friends, about wisdom tooth removal. A routine procedure, a soft-foods diet and swollen chipmunk cheeks were standard protocol in the days following the procedure.

But what about the rest of us, who never had their wisdom teeth taken out? Contrary to popular belief, not everybody has wisdom teeth that grow in. A whopping 15% of congenitally missing teeth are the wisdom teeth, so if yours never grew in, don't be alarmed. You're in good company!
The other more common teeth that fail to grow in due to genetic reasons are the second premolars, the upper lateral incisors, and the lower central incisors. Problems that can arise from missing teeth include:

•  Speech problems
•  Painful bite
•  Drifting teeth
•  Tooth decay
•  Reduced self confidence

If you never got your wisdom teeth, then no action is necessary to treat it. If you are missing your premolars or incisors, though, you have options to help close the gap between your teeth.

•  Partial: A removable dental prosthesis that rests on surrounding teeth, this can help eliminate the spaces between your teeth. This option is good for lower-income patients.
•  Bridge: This restores missing teeth by permanently affixing a dental bridge to surrounding teeth, lending support and improving the functionality of the patient'
•  s bite.
•  Implants: Dental implants are ideal, as they resemble real teeth the most. They have a high success rate and are affixed directly to the jawbone.

If you are missing teeth, either congenitally or for other reasons, we can help you close those gaps and improve the function and appearance of your smile. Please give our office a call to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and allow us to assess the health of your mouth and determine which restorative dental option is best for you!

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