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Types of Periodontal Surgery

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
a 3d rendering of the stages of gum diseasePeriodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is an infection that attacks the gums and bone supporting your teeth. While non-surgical methods can address the initial stages, advanced cases might require periodontal surgery to restore gum health.

Gingival Flap Surgery

Gingival flap surgery, often called gum flap surgery, is designed to access and clean the areas beneath the gum line. This benefits individuals with deep gum pockets, where bacteria accumulate and traditional cleaning methods become ineffective. During the surgery, a periodontist carefully lifts the gum tissue, allowing for thorough cleaning and removal of diseased tissue. The periodontist then stitches the gum tissue back into place to promote healing.

Mucogingival Surgery: Restoring Harmony to Gums and Teeth

Mucogingival surgery is a specialized procedure that addresses situations where gum recession has exposed the tooth root. Various factors can cause this recession, including aggressive brushing, gum disease, or genetics. The exposed root detracts from the aesthetics of the smile and leaves the tooth vulnerable to decay and sensitivity. Mucogingival surgery aims to rectify this issue by utilizing tissue grafts from the palate or another donor site to cover the exposed root and restore a healthy gum line. This enhances the smile appearance and protects the underlying tooth structure.

Osseous Surgery: Rebuilding the Bony Foundation

In severe cases of gum disease, bone loss can occur around the teeth. Osseous surgery, or bone grafting, tackles this challenge by strategically placing bone grafts in the affected areas. These grafts stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the body, promoting new bone growth and restoring the supportive foundation for the teeth. This procedure plays a crucial role in preventing tooth loss and ensuring the long-term health and stability of the teeth.

Periodontal surgery offers a powerful set of tools for individuals battling gum disease. If you are concerned about your gum health, consulting our periodontist can help you determine the most suitable treatment options to restore your oral health.

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